the time I caught a taxi across the Syrian/Turkish border


Date: Jan 2009

This was the incredible taxi driver who managed to weave in and out of the 2km (no joke) queue  of trucks at the Syrian/Turkish border crossing, in the tinniest car in the world (think SmartCar tiny). As you can see, road rules in this part of the world are what we call flexible or ‘more like guidelines’. Anyway, this driver was a lovely guy who bought my friends and me bananas at a road stop and most importantly, got us through safely to the other side.


WIP Word Count


I’m currently working on a second manuscript and I’ve reached the halfway point of my target word count. Cause for celebration, no?

Some things you might like to know about this story:

  • It’s YA.
  • I can’t think of a title for it.
  • It’s set in the world of Air Force Cadets (that’s not the real Air Force for those wondering — it’s the thing where kids run around pretending to be real Air Force and take themselves way too seriously. I know this because I was one).
  • The main character holds the rank of corporal and she has anger issues and she kicks butt. Sometimes literally.
  • My songsipiration is on tumblr and might give you hints as to what else it’s about.

the time I convinced my husband to leave Australia and move to Syria


Besides talking about writing and my books and whatnot, I thought I would include my very own Travel Tales about some of the places I’ve been lucky enough to see.

This picture was taken two years ago today, when my husband and I arrived in Damascus, Syria. We were exploring the rooftop of an old Damascene house in which we stayed the first night we arrived. I was panicking slightly because although I’d visited Syria two years prior to this, it was my husband’s first experience of the Middle East and this place wasn’t the most comfortable or rain proof of houses and I was worried he’d say, ‘Right, I can’t do this, I’m going back to Australia!’

And as we’re still in the Middle East two years later, my fears never came to pass.