Review — Girl Saves Boy, Steph Bowe

I would love to use this blog to promote good Australian YA. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been home in two years, but I crave contemporary YA set in Australia. It brings back so many memories and reminds me how much I really do like being an Australian. I just finished Girl Saves Boy by Steph Bowe. I’m not going to give a recap of what the book’s about; the blurb on Goodreads — and many other reviewers — do a way better job than I could. I’ll just share my thoughts about the novel.


This was a really sweet story. I thought the relationship between the two protagonists was magical. I loved the supporting characters, too. Stories that have a strong supporting cast always have more of an impact on me than those that just purely focus on the main characters. Overall, I found the plot a little weak, but I think that’s because I like overly dramatic climaxes in a story (which says more about me than Bowe’s skills as a writer). I guess I felt the story revealed too much too soon and this effected how I interpreted the climax of the novel.  Bowe’s writing, however, is lyrical and beautiful and I look forward to reading her next book, All This Could End.


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