Agent Acquisition

I’ve reached the point in the writing process where I’m trying to find an agent. This, I’ve realised, is perhaps a bit harder for an Australian than for some of our friends in the US of A. I’ve read a fair few blogs and stuff about the process of alluring these higher beings AKA literary agents, and I’ve followed all the steps:

  1. Write a good query letter
  2. Research agents who represent your book’s genre (total of 7 in Australia)
  3. Send out letters/emails to said agents, making sure to follow MSS submission guidelines to a T. 
  4. Wait.
  5. Get a partial request (three out of seven)
  6. Receive rejection letter(s)  (six out of seven – getting kinda nervous now)
  7. Wait
  8. Research self-publishing
  9. Receive a request for full manuscript from last agent left on list

Now I’m a hyped-up ball of nerves, trying to prepare myself for disappointment, but dreaming of ‘what could be’, and working out how long it might take revered agent to end my suffering. A week? Two weeks?

I think I’m going to google ‘list of American agents willing to represent Aussie authors’. Just in case, you know, everything falls through. Not because I’m a pessimist; just a realist.


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