Obession with word count

I’ve just hit 44,165 words for MS#2.

This is very exciting (I know, my “what counts as exciting” scale is a bit sad) because that’s the same amount of words I had written when I finished my first draft of MS#1. I’m guestimating that I have another 12,000 words to go on MS#2, which is also very exciting because I’m not having to force words out like I felt I had to when writing MS#1.

From the authors whose blogs I follow, it seems like I’m a bit of an anomaly when it comes to word count issues; most tend to write too many words and end up having to cull a lot. I have the opposite problem. I spent my entire university-life writing papers that ‘got to the point’ and it’s taken me a while to realise that when writing fiction, it’s quite okay to expand a little. One of my major flaws is descriptive writing. I spend too much time on the plot and dialogue and I can go whole scenes not describing anything.

So if you’re wondering why the excited word count updates, it’s because I’m mighty proud every time I write another thousand words and see the little ticker go up.


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