Copy editing!

2013-03-20 15.23.58


editing editing editing

Been a bit quiet lately as I’m editing MS #2. Have had some good critique from friends and the husband, and I finished structural edits tonight. This book was much easier to edit structurally than my first MS. When I first started writing MS#1 I had no idea it would turn into a novel. I just began writing one day. Then I proceeded to write random scenes at random times, with no order whatsoever. Eventually, I knew where the story was headed, but it involved a LOT of chopping and changing the plot and messing around so revising was a nightmare!

MS#2 on the other hand, I planned out right from the beginning, almost scene for scene. And I wrote in chronological order, which means revisions this time round are much less painful. I don’t know if I will follow this process with every book I end up writing, but it worked this time.

Now my dear mama is copy editing it for me, which is amazingly awesome of her because she went to business college back in the day and is great with grammar and punctuation and stuff.
Then in two weeks I’ll send it off for a competition! Inshallah as they say over here! (God willing it all goes to plan!)

the time I went to Garbage City


Location: Garbage City, Cairo, Egypt
Year: 2012

Garbage City was probably one of my (unexpected) favourite places in Cairo. It’s an area¬†inhabited¬†by the Coptic Egyptians on the outskirts of Cairo. It’s essentially a ginormous recycling centre, except people live amongst it, and sorting out Cairo’s waste is a means of survival for them. We also got to visit some Coptic churches while we were there, and met some beautiful people with amazing stories.