the time we made tell Dan jokes at Tel Dan

Location: Tel Dan
Year: 2012
If you ever cross from Jordan into the Holy Lands (aka Palestine or Israel — but not wanting to offend either side I’m just going to stick with Holy Lands because that’s one thing we can all agree on), the sparse, barren desert-like landscape might have you wondering ‘Can this really be the Promised Land?’ But then you head north for a couple of hours, past the Galilee, and into territory that will earn you text messages from the local telco(s) saying ‘Welcome to Lebanon,’ and ‘Have a great stay in Syria!’ and after freaking out that you’re in the Golan Heights, you realise why this place is called the Promised Land.

We travelled here last summer (northern hemisphere summer, that is) with our good friends Dan and Danielle. Needless to say, when we found the national park, Tel Dan, the puns available to us were endless.

tel dan-tiff


the time I wandered through Salt

Year: 2013
Location: Salt, Jordan

Although we’ve lived in Jordan for 2.5 years now, we have never quite managed to get out to this little town (I blame our awful split weekends where we have to go to school on Saturdays!) Salt is an hour bus trip out of Amman, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Salt was actually the capital of Jordan when the Ottomans had run of the mill back in the day, hence the pretty Ottoman architecture. Despite the heat, we had a great day wandering the streets and climbing the hills.