fan girl week

This week has been rather eventful in the Life of Carly.

I’ve caught up with two authors, whose works are pretty much my stand-out favourites in Australian YA (after Melina Marchetta, of course) to have a bit of a chat about writing and publishing and the general awesomeness of Aussie YA.

It is a bit of a coincidence that these catch-ups occurred in the same week, and I would like to state my case now that I’m not a serial Author Stalker. And if I was, I did a terrible job of doing fangirlish things, like bringing along copies of books for them to sign like any true fangirl would. Or asking them more questions about their works-in-progress, of which I’m sure some others in the Tweet/Blog community will severely chastise me for not having done so. I was a bit too star-struck to gather my wits and ask intelligent and comprehensible questions like those.

Nevertheless, both authors were extremely kind and so encouraging, taking their time to give a mere commoner a glimpse of the magical yet ruthless world that is Publishing. But it was a glimpse that has renewed my zeal for querying, so potential publishers beware, for your inboxes will be inundated (by inundated I mean I will send you a polite query that meets all the criteria outlined on your websites, and I’ll only send once from one address with one name and one story title). Supposedly there is such a thing as a Serial Submitter and I don’t want to be labelled that along with Author Stalker.

And if it ever comes out that I have a pair of a very famous American author’s old jeans, it was because she gave them to me and not because I stole them from her in a stalking session.

True Story. If I ever get published, I will reveal whose jeans I (legitimately) own.


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