Hottest 100 and Australia Day

I’m pretty darned excited to be back in Australia for Australia Day this year — it will be my first one in three years. Australia Day 2011 I spent a number of hours in the Dubai airport, then a few hours on a plane to Damascus, and then a number of hours after that running around Damascus in the freezing cold trying to find a money changing place or an ATM. 2012 was with my good Aussie friend in Amman, Jordan. And last year Australia Day was a Saturday at school marking essays. And each Australia Day was spent madly hoping for good WiFi so we could stream Triple J’s Hottest 100 live.

And this year I will be back at my good mate’s house with friends from high school, a pool and a water slide, a good amount of beer, and it will be the same as every Aus day party we’ve had there since Year 10. Good times ahead!

This is my Top 10 for the Hottest 100:

The National  – Graceless
Lana Del Rey – Young And Beautiful
Lorde – Team
Noah And The Whale – There Will Come A Time
Chvrches – Lies
Wolf Alice – Bros
Thundamentals – Smiles Don’t Lie
Arctic Monkeys – Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?
Haim – Let Me Go
Gang Of Youths – Evangelists



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